Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Appointments can be reserved with any available therapist, at any time throughout visits to Hands on Health. Ongoing treatment charts are detailed, reviewed & each rmt provides a specific focus according to patient requests with each visit. As part of a collaborative team, we will work together to provide all patients with a broad spectrum of techniques for optimal care with the convenience of greater scheduling availability.

In order to reserve appointments, a valid payment card is required to secure your time even if insurance coverage is available.

The Clock 
To maintain a fluent schedule, late arrivals may result in a shortened appointment with regular fees for reserved services applied or the appointment may be rescheduled. Appointments are typically scheduled back to back with a 15min void between sessions for sterilization, medical charting & a necessary physical break for the therapist. The quality of the hands on portion of your appointment time is never compromised by the clock however adjustments are made accordingly when potential scheduling conflicts arise.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that our therapists earn income based on a schedule of appointments as opposed to an hourly rate. Due to the high physical demand of providing massage therapy treatments, a limited number of appointments are reserved daily. Therefore, if an appointment is missed or modified without sufficient notice, it creates a list of inconveniences & financial loss for the therapist, the clinic & also prevents other patients in need of care, the opportunity to have treatment sooner.

24+hours advance notice is required, allowing time to adjust the schedule in order to maintain the maximum number of bookings per day. Failing to provide notice will result in an automatic policy charge of 100% of the associated fee. 
Consideration of emergency circumstances will potentially transfer the charge to a credit on account, which can be applied to a rescheduled appointment however this one time courtesy decision is at the discretion of the corresponding therapist & management. 
Sending someone in your place is appreciated & may avoid a charge.
We work diligently to maintain a schedule that suits everyone's busy & constantly changing lives. Policies are in place to maintain a primary focus of healthcare, to provide quality services, optimal availability & many conveniences for each customer.

Fees + Automated Payments
Massage Therapy rates reflect the standard fee for treatments rendered by a registered massage therapist, a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario & governed under the Regulated Health Professions Act. All services are subject to 13% HST. Advance notice will be posted for massage therapy fee changes. Payments for reserved services are prepaid for initial, new account bookings and automated otherwise on the day of appointments for each consecutive visit. Administrative processes occur on the day of the appointment, settling balances prior to treatment, thus maintaining a patient care focus for the entire reserved appointment time. All payments generate a detailed e-receipt for patient records. 

Safety Protocols 
We welcome patients to attend our facility under the guidelines of our required safety protocols. Standards mandated by the Ministry of Health and the CMTO are applied accordingly within our private practice. We take pride in operating in the safest manner possible, establishing protocols that best suit the needs of our practice. Should prescreening be required, all information collected in screening forms is secured & protected under the Personal Health Information Protection Act. We appreciate your understanding and careful consideration for health and safety when attending our wellness facility for care.

Clean + Calming Clinic Environment
Hands on Health promotes a calm, quiet & tranquil atmosphere for the comfort of both patients and staff. As such our door is locked in accordance with our by appointment only operation. We maintain a safe and secure space for patients and staff with low traffic and minimal noise interruption. Our phones do not ring and automate to voicemail. Please ensure your mobile device is on silent before arrival & refrain from using it while in session. While in treatment, we ask for soft voices should dicussions be required, out of consideration for others seeking quiet time to focus, relax & manage pain or stress reduction. 
It is requested that foot wear is removed at the entrance way to promote hygenic & quiet steps throughout the clinic. Floors are swept & sterilized throughout each day of operation and specific sterilization procedures are in place, applied and documented for each appointment and required in accordance with mandated disease prevention and control throughout the clinic.

To ensure safety of children & for the consideration of other seeking quiet time in treatment, it is requested that alternate arrangements are made for childcare while attending your own appointment. Patients under the age of 12 may be accompanied by an adult for their own appointment & all massage therapy clients under 16 yrs of age require a parents written consent within the medical e-forms for treatment.

Beverages and Wellness Products
Healthwise cool or loose leaf tea beverage options and wellness bath, body and laundry products are available for purchase online or at your appointment. We may not always be available for shopping needs however please feel free to look around after your appointment and place your order online. We'll deliver locally or arrange a pick up time, otherwise we will post shopping dates on our social sites for special occassions. 

    Massage Therapy is recommended for & can effectively treat the following...

    Muscle Tension, Strain/Sprain & Spasm
    Migraine, Tension, Cluster Headaches
    TMJ Syndrome
    Sciatica / Pseudosciatica
    Spinal Disc Herniation
    Tendonitis /Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Plantar Fasciitis
    Tennis/Golfers Elbow
    Adhesive Capsulitis/ Frozen Shoulder
    Post Surgical Rehabilitation
    Pregnancy & Labour Support
    Postural Disorders
    Torticollis/ Wry neck/ Whip Lash
    Insomnia/Depression/Stress Disorders
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Diabetes / Circulatory Dysfunction
    Cancer Support Treatments
    Many other symptoms & conditions


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