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Dry Brushing Modality + Massage Therapy

This incredibly beneficial massage therapy technique using a dry, bristled brushing, assists in sloughing off skin cell residue, increasing circulation, oxygenating soft tissues and enhancing lymphatic drainage which is a natural reflexive effect of Massage Therapy treatment.  This modality is blended into a classic hands on massage treatment as indicated for specific focus or general benefit and the brush is taken home for further home care use!

Further increasing oxygenated blood circulation through this technique, can assist with soft tissue healing and bring nutrients to depleted, over worked muscles. 
This stimulating sensation alerts the nervous system leaving you feeling invigorated enhancing the benefits of a massage therapy treatment. This effect can reflexively benefit sleeping patterns, mood enhancement and balance, joint lubrication and provide an overall feeling of improvement.
Removing dead skin cells can help make your skin smoother and softer. It can also give your skin a brighter appearance temporarily.
This technique will increase the moisturizing absorption rate in combination with a massage therapy treatment while using skin healthy oils & lotions. Plus your therapist can manage those hard to reach areas of the back.

It’s possible to use a dry brush if you have sensitive skin. Your therapist will modify and avoid any open lesions, warts or sensitive areas that may become irritated.
For dry brushing to be fully effective, the bristles must generally be pretty firm, however applied always within your comfort level.

3/4 hour appointments allow time for 1-2 areas of focus or generalized techniques for partial body care.

1 hour appointments are ideal for INITIAL full or partial body care or for those requiring additional time to address multiple areas of concern.
1.5 hour appointments are ideal for those seeking full body treatment or more time to address multiple areas of concern.

2 hour appointments are available as full body treatment for overall care incorporating medi cupping techniques as indicated.  


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