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Prenatal Massage Therapy

There have been many studies that suggest that massage during pregnancy is effective for improving maternal mood, decreasing depression and anxiety, decreasing pain, obstetrical complications and improving neonatal health and development. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce the mother's stress levels and pain therefore reduces the release of harmful stress hormones to the baby.


Our Maternity Belly Pillow allows our mom's to be, to lie face down on the treatment table, easing back pressure without fear of harm to you or your baby. Safe & comfortable for any stage of pregnancy.


Alternate option is to side ly with specialty pillowing to allow for added comfort and relaxation



New Patients;  an initial consultation will assist your therapist in determining the best possible treatment protocol for you. 

Once health history information is reviewed and your informed consent is obtained, the treatment will commence,
thus providing you with optimal results. 

This important process may take 10-15mins for your first visit and will be included within the appointment time. 
A 60 minute Initial Appointment is recommended, providing ample time for all that is required within your first visit.  
Please complete your Patient Intake Forms in advance directly from your appointment email link.


*Please visit our INFO/FAQs page for details on your treatment time and appointment structure.
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  • 30min, 45min, 60min, 75min, 90min 

    Fees starting at $65 +

    Fees are recommended by our association and adjusted according to the requirements of our private practice. 

    Please email for pricing

    Direct Billing or e-receipts available for benefit plans 


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