Massage Therapy at Hands on Health Niagara Port Colborne

Junior Massage Therapy

Treatments for patients under 18 are highly recognized for the many healthcare benefits. From the early development of an infant to pain management of a growing adolescent.

~ Body awareness is key for optimal health ~

Young people now have highly demanding and stressful schedules including multiple extra curricular activities, homework, chores or possibly challenging circumstances at home. Massage Therapy will educate children on stress reduction methods to promote a healthy lifestyle and boost immunity.Treatment will also incorporate proper stretching techniques developing body awareness and proper body mechanics for a growing and active youth.

Insomnia / Sleep Disorders
Growing Pains
Juvenile Diabetes
Hyperactive Disorder / Anxiety
Acute Sport Injuries / Bruising
To name a few...


Create a balanced routine that can be carried into a healthy adulthood.

A parent's signature is required for consent to treatment & attending the session is recommended.

*Coaching offered to new parents for infant massage therapy



  • 30min, 45min, 60min 

    Fees starting at $65 +

    Fees are recommended by our association and adjusted according to the requirements of our private practice. 

    Please email for pricing

    Direct Billing or e-receipts available for benefit plans 


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