Massage Therapy at Hands on Health Niagara Port Colborne

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Classic Massage Therapy treatments are customized to meet individual therapeutic needs. Schedule the appropriate time frame and together we'll determine a treatment protocol based on what is indicated to reach desired and agreed health goals. Pressure is always customized always according to what the body will allow and what is required for proper careFor optimal comfort and care, hydraulic and optional heated tables with tranquil music will relax the mind and body.
Treatments are offered with anyone of our equally qualified therapeutic team members, at any time. Detailed treatment charts assist with maintaining continuity from visit to visit and patients benefit from collective skills, experiences and greater scheduling opportunities. We operate this way as a non competative, supportive group of professionals to elevate your experience with registered massage therapy care.

1 hour appointments are recommended  and ideal for INITIAL VISITS requiring additional time to properly assess, introduce and determine a plan of care.
1/2 hour appointments are ideal for focus with a single area of concern, typically as a follow up treatment within an established treatment plan of care.
3/4 hour appointments allow time for 1-2 areas of focus or generalized techniques for partial body care.
1.5 hour appointments are ideal for those seeking full body treatment or more time to address multiple areas of concern. 



  • Associated fees posted on our booking and billing site. 
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    Direct Billing available under the scope of Massage Therapy. Click the INFO tab from the home page to learn more about Insurance Billing & what is required for your appointment.


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