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Aroma Hydration Body Wrap

Ultimate in hydration & rejuvenation! 

 Benefit from the application of our all natural products with this full body renewal treatment.Soothing effleurage & revitilizing exfoliating techniques, stimulate the lymphatic system to cleanse & purify, followed by a hydrothermal body wrap to deeply moisturize & rejuvenate the largest organ of your body, your skin! Stimulate your senses with select essential oil aromas while relaxing through a hydrating, scented relaxation massage.

Eucalyptus Revive provides a long list of health benefits to improve immune function. With natural anti inflammatory properties to relieve muscle & joint pain while stimulating the senses & soothing the soul. A favorited scent will leave lasting spahhhh sensation.

Citrus Renewal  Lift your mood & reduce stress, inflammation & pain. Citrus oils offer a powerful antimicrobial & antibacterial properties which clarifies & balances the skin. Subtle blends of sweet lemon, tangerine & lime will boost energy levels to a neutral balance for over all wellness.

Lavendar Relax allows the body & mind to fully relax and is commonly known to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, nausea, allergies, skin infections & menstral cramps. Lavendar lovers will melt surrounded by true french lavender aroma.

Chocolate Rejuvenate allows you to indulge without the calories! Experience well being, energy & vitality with this incredible mood enhancing aroma. Coco oils will stimulate skin tone working against cellulite and nourish for long lasting soft skin.

CBD Restore provides extended anti-inflammatory benefits for pain, swelling, skin irritation due to acne, eczema or psoriasis. Hemp Derived, non-intoxicating CBD topical oils are absorbed, connecting to cannabinoid receptors within skin pores, effectively & safely treating a wide range of skin health ailments. As CBD research indicates, holistic wellness strategies are proven to lower the amount of side effects suggesting natural techniques present a better approach to ailments. Relax the mind & body, safely indulging in this incredibly beneficial treatment!


Ideal for keratosis pilaris, fading stretch marks and scars, eczema or dry skin conditions, allergy or respiratory symptoms. AMAZING RESULTS!

Expect to feel silky smooth & polished for Ladies & Gentlemen





  •  1hour  $105

    *CBD Restore option $120

    RMT receipt is not available for this service option

    AVOID IF: 
    You shaved earlier that same day
    You have a sunburn
    You have an acute skin condition
    You are sensitive to aromatherapy scents
    You have un-medicated high blood pressure
    You are pregnant
    You are claustrophobic (Note: loosely wrapped in warm linens)


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