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Facial Plumping Skin Therapy

Facial Plumping Therapy is an excellent form of non-invasive treatment that can work to minimize the effects of sun and environmental damage, and slows the aging process!
It is completely safe, uniquely effective and found to be an extremely healthy boost for your skin!


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Benefits to Plumping Skin Therapy:

  • Stimulation of oxygenated blood flow, collagen release and much needed nutrients lacking within the facial tissues, creating a youthful, healthy glow. Skin products applied during and post facial are better absorbed and much more effective!
  • The gentle lifting action creates a plumping affect to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and softens scarring caused by trauma or acne. The skin looks & feels lifted & smoother. 
  • Beneficial especially for dry, oily or mature skin types. 
  • Cleanse, exfoliate, plump, rest with a mineral mask & complete with balanced hydration . Enjoy hydrating foot wraps & a gentle scalp massage for full relaxation!


  • 75 minutes   $80

    Ask about our Facial Package Rates!


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