Service Bundles


Book a Service Bundle for yourself or apply the corresponding dollar amount to a gift certificate purchase for someone special!

'Indulge' $160 (Please specify "Indulge Package" when scheduling)
Begin with Indian Head Massage Therapy to melt away tension and stress in the shoulders, neck, face & scalp. Improve skin health and refresh with Facial Cupping to gently refine skin texture, plump fine lines & nourish the face with oxygenation & collagen release. Complete with a Eucalyptus Facial Steam Wrap to flush & refresh the sinuses.
Head to toe rejuvenation is achieved with the ultimate
 Lower Leg & Foot Massage treatment including Hydrating Thermal Foot Wraps & a soothing Lower Arm & Hand Massage. 
 (approx. 75mins) 

'VIP' ~ just for men $175 (Please specify "VIP Package" when scheduling)
Rejuvenation isn't just for the ladies! We offer a masculin pampering package designed just for men. Begin relaxing with a full body, Mobilization Massage that specializes in resetting the joints & muscles to loosen up & promote tension or pain relief. Customized pressure is applied oil free & over the clothing or over the sheet as you cover up on our heated tables. Either way, we are professional therapists with strict draping procedures to keep you comfortable & relaxed. Choose between an Indian Head Massage or a Signature Leg & Foot Massage where treatment focus is applied to the commonly stressed areas of the upper shoulders, neck, face & scalp or the tired muscles of the legs & feet. Follow up with Hydrating Thermal Foot Wraps to complete this VIP head to toe treatment! 
(approx. 75mins)

'Escape' $210 (Please specify "Escape Package" when scheduling) 

60 minute Customized Massage Therapy treatment applied with Essential Aromatherapy Oils to stimulate the mind & body, complete with a deep heat steam towel to cleanse & melt away tension. Hydrating thermal foot wraps combined with a 30 minute Express Cleansing Facial Treatment. All natural skin care products provide high quality, hypoallergenic results adding full relaxation with facial and scalp massage techniques brightening your mood and complexion.
 (approx. 1.75 hours)

'Oasis' $240 (Please specify "Oasis Package" when scheduling)
Transform your mind and body with this ultimate full body spa package including a combination Massage Therapy Treatment & all natural Facial Skin Care.
Initiate with a 60minute Full Body, Thermal Palms Heated Massage Therapy Treatment for relaxation massage or pain control, complete with a Eucalyptus Facial Steam Towel to refresh the sinuses & Hydrating Thermal Foot Wraps.
A Classic Rejuvenating Facial Treatment will cleanse and brighten your skin with All Natural Skin Care Products.
(approx. 2.25 hours)

All services are provided by a registered massage therapist. Insurance billing applicable for massage therapy services.

*Service Bundles cannot be booked online; must call in advance to schedule these specialty appointments.
*Service Bundles are subject to change in service type & associated fees each year. (All Gift Certificates apply as the dollar amount alloted)

*A Service Bundle must be used in its entirety on reserved day of service.
*Service Bundle appointments must be reserved in advance with a security payment.




    Massage Therapy is recommended for & can effectively treat the following...

    Muscle Tension, Strain/Sprain & Spasm
    Migraine, Tension, Cluster Headaches
    TMJ Syndrome
    Sciatica / Pseudosciatica
    Spinal Disc Herniation
    Tendonitis /Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Plantar Fasciitis
    Tennis/Golfers Elbow
    Adhesive Capsulitis/ Frozen Shoulder
    Post Surgical Rehabilitation
    Pregnancy & Labour Support
    Postural Disorders
    Torticollis/ Wry neck/ Whip Lash
    Insomnia/Depression/Stress Disorders
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Diabetes / Circulatory Dysfunction
    Cancer Support Treatments
    Many other symptoms & conditions


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